Highlights from the RDU Combine

Top college football prospects representing 13 area high schools from six counties came to display their physical talent and football skills at the Raleigh/Durham Big Show Combine on Saturday, March 5.  On the field at Southern Durham High School, the participants used clear and cool conditions to post great times and scores in the combine events.

Standout performances in the combine events were turned in  by a number athletes.  The top 40 times were turned in by a collection of DBs, WRs, RBs, and LBs.  Harnett Central DB Kendrick Rogers (pictured left) posted a combine-best time of 4.63, followed closely by fellow Harnett Central WR Treshon Rogers with a time of 4.65.  The next fastest 40 time of 4.69 was turned in by Durham Riverside DB Bobby Walker, and another Harnett Central DB, Dean Kinton, covered 40 yards in 4.70 seconds.  Rounding out the top 40 times were Harnett Central WR Torin Walker (4.71), East Chapel Hill WR Alex Moore (4.75), Enloe RB Charlie Twitty (4.75), Harnett Central DB Dalan Snow (4.78), and Harnett Central LB Patrick Speight (4.79).

Quick times were also recorded in the agility events.  Harnett Central DB Kendrick Rogers, Enloe RB Charlie Twitty (pictured right), and Durham Jordan WR Jeff Clark all turned in sub 4.40 Pro Agility times with 4.34, 4.35, and 4.38 seconds, respectively.  The winner of the Fastest Man Award, Charlie Twitty, led the way in the 3-Cone Drill with a very impressive time of 6.93, while Bunn DB Clifton White IV (7.19), Wake Forest-Rolesville DB Taylor Bagley (7.22), and Durham Jordan WR Jeff Clark (7.22) each posted fast times themselves.

Many athletes showed their explosiveness by posting 30"+ vertical jumps and 9'+ broad jumps.  Harnett Central WR Treshon Rogers posted a combine-best vertical jump of 36".  Other 30"+ vertical jumps were recorded by Harnett Central WR Torin Walker (34"), Harnett Central DBs Dean Kinton (31.5") and Dalan Snow (31"), Bunn DB Clifton White IV (30"), Harnett Central DB Kendrick Rogers (30"), and Harnett Central LB Patrick Speight (30")Jumpman Award winner Torin Walker (pictured left) showed his explosiveness with an impressive 10'0" broad jump.  Others hitting the 9' broad jump mark were Enloe RB Charlie Twitty (9'8"), Harnett Central WR Treshon Rogers (9'5"), Harnett Central LB Michael Vahue (9'5"), Harnett Central DB Kendrick Rogers (9'2"), and Enloe WR Louis Fernandez (9'0").

Sharing the Strongman Award, Panther Creek OL Mike Sutton and Southern Durham RB Xavier Gilchrist (pictured right) impressed with a combine-best 22 reps of 185 lbs on the bench press.  The next 3 best bench performances were turned in by Harnett Central athletes with OL Abiye Fubara repping out the weight 19 times, LB Jeremy Wells accounting for 17 times, and DL Ryan Smith hitting the 15 rep mark.

The athletes took to the field and the competitive nature of the combine picked up.  Granville Central QB Davon Smith showed nice touch on the football and flashed potential during the 7-on-7 drills.  East Chapel Hill WR and Offensive MVP Alex Moore (pictured left) proved to be a dependable receiver who ran great routes and used his speed to separate from defenders.  Enloe WRs Louis Fernandez and Altriek Hurst showed an ability to make the tough catch and to make plays in traffic.  DBs had a tough time tracking Middle Creek WR Ezra Jeffers as he frequently found himself open.

 On the defensive side, Harnett Central DB Kendrick Rogers and Bunn DB Clifton White IV were effective in playing tight coverage and eliminating their man's opportunity to catch the football.  Wake Forest-Rolesville DB and Defensive MVP Taylor Bagley (pictured right) showed well-rounded skills and a nose for the ball from his Safety position.  Bagley made plays all over the field and used his range to break-up passes that were headed for waiting WRs.

Panther Creek OL Mike Sutton (pictured left) and Lineman MVP dominated the one-on-one pass rush drills.  He showed superior technique and already displays great hands and feet for a OL his age.  Harnett Central DL Ryan Smith used his quick acceleration off the ball to get into his opponents quickly to set up his move before the OL was comfortably in his set.  Harnett Central OL Evan Bagby used hand placement and his advanced football-sense from his Center position to hold the NT at bay.


Overall Combine MVP Enloe RB Charlie Twitty (pictured left) had a great day in the combine events, during position drills and the 7-on-7 session.  Twitty posted a combine-best 3-Cone Drill, was 2nd in the Pro Agility and broad jump, and impressed during the field work by showing soft hands and the ability to make people miss in the open field.




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